A trip to Delhi

The best thing about this trip – discovering FM is not the ‘over-protective parent’ any more. It’s funny how I’ve gotten conditioned to thinking of his worrying as over-protectiveness, but it isn’t really. Love him. Really, really do.

Went to visit the BB (which would you rather be – Bengali Bombshell or Bengali Bahu?) at her new house in Saket. Lovely new house. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Met PKB after ages. Haven’t seen her since she went off to Columbia, and since we’re both bad correspondents, had no clue what was happening in her life. Good to catch up with all the fun and not-so-fun stuff.

Managed to meet up with Sydus too. Thought I wasn’t going to have time, but he suddenly called me to ask if I’d like to catch a docu film at IHC. And wonderfully, I ended up enjoying the film as much as the rest of the evening! I’ve even invited the filmmakers to come and show it at the Uni – hope they do. Even if they don’t, I’ve discovered a lovely text to use next sem, so yippee!!

All in all, good trip. Even though I didn’t get any work done. Or is it because I didn’t get any work done?


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  1. That’s what Hydra so lacks, IHC culture. Theatre! Stand up comedies! Documentaries (well, at least in a language I can understand).

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