Upset schedules

Seem to be this term’s ‘in thing’. A mysterious stomach flu (I’m calling it that coz it’s not been diagnosed yet) has flown across campus, making life miserable for a large number of students. Panic and hysteria have spread even more rapidly over the weekend, and the result is that college is closing down for 10 days.

There goes my schedule. (Yeah, I know you’re thinking “how mean and self-centred, what about all those poor kids who’re ill?” Well, they’re going to get better, but my schedule’s not going to get back to normal again!) Anyway, no more hope of doing anything straight the rest of this semester.

If it were only work, I wouldn’t complain so much. But we had this 4-day holiday coming up (also not in the original schedule, resulting from a few compensatory hols and some other kinds of good fortune) and I’d just finished planning my life around it! It took long enough, what with Dips saying she was going to make that long-awaited trip down, but then some uncertainty about her having to travel (on work) at the time, and finally, me having to choose between various options as to what I’d do!

Now that the 4-day break’s turned into 10 days with virtually no notice, I suppose extending my holiday is out of the question – I shall be forced to spend the time correcting those long-overdue mid-sem papers and the not-yet-due projects.

Such is life.


4 Responses

  1. 10 days off and you don’t seem particularly happy about it. Strange! Haven’t known one to love their work so much.

  2. You don’t get the point – holiday is lovely, the fact that it throws my schedule off kelter is not! Actually, it’s all in the timing – I had all four classes today, leaving me cranky!

  3. Well, give the kids a break. Don’t teach them too much.

  4. Seems like you did take the extended holiday after all.

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