A film screening…

… and some random thoughts.

Saw Hazaar Chaurasi ki Maa yesterday. Special Screening at Prasad’s. Women’s month, apparently, whatever that was. Movie, however, was good. Jaya Bachchan – performance of a lifetime. I’d read the play, and the script pretty much sticks to it, so not too may surprises there. Some scenes are more powerful in the play than in the movie (the ones with Nandita Das in them. Never knew she was so bad)

But more on the random thoughts. First on changes. So many cultural events in Hyderabad are becoming ‘see and be seen’. Don’t get me wrong – there’s always a particular crowd in any city which’ll land up at stuff like this – the ‘culture vultures’. A long time ago, when I was a little girl, (rewind that – even five years ago), this crowd consisted of middle class men and women dragging their children along, post-work, fresh and spiffy after having gone home early and washed up before they came. Now it’s a bunch of women in chiffons/FabIndia sarees, lipsticked and high-heeled, with a few men in kurtas and jeans accompanying them. I really don’t know what to make of the change.

Then on superficiality. When ‘Jaya’ finally landed up yesterday, she fielded two separate questions on what Amitabh thought of the movie. With her customary grace, of course, but that doesn’t take away from the irony of it. An extremely powerful three-hour movie on how a bhadralok mahila discovers herself while searching for her son, and at the end of it, that’s all people want to know? And don’t really want to know – it’s just meant as a prelude to a gushing “Please convey our love to him, we think he’s the BEST”?! Yeeeecccchhhhhh!!!

And on what the movie was about. Someone in the audience said it right – we all have our own ideas on what the movie is about. That’s the beauty of a work of art – each of us read a different meaning into it. And for once, a movie that is a work of art. Maybe crafting that kind of ambiguity into the movie becomes easier because it’s based on a literary work? That’s where most dramatisations fail, though – see the Lord of the Rings movies. Even Narnia.


3 Responses

  1. So, did you land up in your starched cottons?

    Well, haven’t seen the movie but pseuds will be pseuds, what to do.

    On the dramatisation, I think they did a decent job with LOTR in the given time frame. If they could (or had) made 20-30 hours of movie(s) on the trilogy, they might have been able to play around with concepts like ambiguity.

    It’s like you can’t teach a man ideology if his basic needs are not satisfied.

  2. Jeans and t-shirt, if you please. I went to watch a movie.

    As for LOTR, maybe, maybe not – it takes a certain kind of scriptwriter and a certain type of director. Maybe if they hadn’t looked to make a commercial movie…but then they couldn’t have spent so much money and done all the fantastic stuff they did do.

    More like you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

  3. That’s why I said more parts would have been better. Then we would have more than one cake, so you could have some and eat the others. 🙂

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