Look, Momma gave me new clothes!!

All her young life, she’d been the poor cousin. Her mother was not rich, she had very little of the currency that mattered.*

So she wore the clothes they handed out at the home, though she didn’t like them very much. They made her look old and haggard sometimes, dark and broody at best. But what choice did she have?

Till her grandmother saw her. Her mother had taken her, reluctantly enough, to visit. Grandma peered at her through her glasses and asked, “So do you take after your mather, dear? I can hardly see you in the dark!”. That was it. Her mother knew she had to do something.

There was the weekend. The weekend mother’d kept aside for herself, to relax and sleep and recuperate from the past month. But this was far more important. Grandma had touched a raw nerve.

So mother collected scraps of cloth, as best as she could. Not too many different ones, she wasn’t making a patchwork quilt, she said. She borrowed tools – even ones she didn’t know how to use. She might have cut her finger a couple of times. She cut and pruned, pasted and sewed, till she was happy with what she saw.

This is the result.

Well, if my ‘happy clothes‘ can make me feel good, why not get some for my blog? I’m rather proud of myself, actually…

* techie-ness, it was called. alternately, bits, or in larger denominations, bytes. i told you she didn’t have any – obviously she wasn’t very familiar even with the language


3 Responses

  1. He he…. Didn’t get it at first till I saw what the home was.
    But she’s really looking nice in the new wear 🙂 Kudos!

  2. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Momma’s been shopping for accessories.
    Congratulations on the SiteMeter.

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