Dominance, difference, and all that

I’ve been wondering whether to blog this… but my blog is where I clear things up in my mind. So here goes.

My FemJur class has finally begun to discuss cultural feminism. When we started off with a short, easy reading on difference feminism by a linguistics prof, not much trouble. In fact, lots of experience, leg-pulling, and of course, “not only women are like this” finally starts becoming a catchphrase (is that the word I want?).

Then we moved into slightly more dangerous territory, I thought, discussing whether women’s hedonistic lives are different from men’s. Strange silences. But the refrain of “why is this experience exclusively female” has become more insistent. While that’s a problem with the reading we did yesterday (West insists that the experience she describes is exclusively female), I think we need to draw out the point that the exclusivity of experience is not focal, the excludedness of it is. Did that make sense?

I need to bring this up. Tomorrow.

Dominance, difference and stuff , because cultural feminism. If you didn’t get it, read about cultural feminism here


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