Feeling good

Some clothes just make me feel good. I don’t know If I actually look good in them, but I definitely feel attractive. I just love this heavily starched Kanchi cotton saree, whose blouse is now too loose (I’ve been gymnastifying in class – comes of dressing in a hurry in the morning when I have a first hour class); I especially love it when it sits just-so on my waist, the few millimeters of skin between the blouse and the saree widening to a couple of inches and then disappearing under the pallu…

But it’s not only about feeling attractive. There are the old jeans that I refuse to let go of, that feel like a second skin on me, the Awesome Foursome t-shirt (now lost), the Class t-shirt, my ‘presumptuous’ top – they have nothing to do with attractive. And they’re all part of the ‘feel good’ wardrobe!

The ‘feel good wardrobe’ is for special days. Celebration, cheering up, or simply a patch of sun.


2 Responses

  1. Wow! I used to think I’m the only wierdo in this world who had notions like this, but two’s definitely company.
    That first paragraph was very well written, by the way.

  2. Hey, u’re just so right. I had this notion that whenever I wanted to do something difficult (like an exam to study for) I would wear some very ‘feel good’ clothes. It’s just that they have a chocolate kind of effect on me – make u feel secure, i guess. So cheers to that!

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