A beautiful day

After a night of rain, it would be, wouldn’t it? It’s too early to call it the first summer shower, but it’s definitely the last of the pre-summer showers!

There’s a beautiful breeze blowing in, flapping my curtains against my computer screen and bringing with it the smell of freshly cut grass (where does that come from?). This is probably the last time I’m going to smell that, though, as the Uni continues to lay that harsh grey concrete parking lot on the patch of empty ground below my window. There are compensations, though; they’re planting gulmohur and neem all around the parking lot to provide shade for whatever vehicles may be parked a couple of years from today.

But coming back to today, the air feels lovely and clean; just standing in the alcove makes me feel like I’m taking a shower.My sparrows seem happy – and there are even more of them. They seem to be playing catch in the corridor, till they are chased out by streams of people coming out of the classrooms. Even the cock crowing under the neem tree wants to play… chasing the shadows of the leaves above as they move in the breeze.

In short, it’s a wonderful day. What am I doing stuck in office?


3 Responses

  1. Wow… did it rain all over the country? Was just wondering yesterday why rain evokes such strong emotions….

  2. Oh…. didn’t realise we were talking about the same city… for some reason, I assumed you were talking about Delhi.
    Guess I’m just homesick 🙂

  3. Ha ha… You’re putting two and two together to make eight. Get out of office and get some fresh air….

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