He took his laptop into the loo…

I just saw a colleague come out of the loo with a huge laptop bag slung over his shoulder… now, if the guys’ loo is anything like the girls’ one, there’s no place to put a laptop. Except on the ground… and I hate to think what all is on the ground in that loo, what with the way it smells.

What does he want with a laptop in the loo, anyway?

At least, in the ‘faculty loo’ (it’s off the faculty common room, so I think of it as the faculty loo; there are two of them – a ‘His’ and a ‘Hers’), there’s a nice lobby type place with wash basins and a wide countertop where one can leave stuff… but this was the smelly loo at the end of the corridor!!

What could anyone possibly want with a laptop in the loo?


One Response

  1. Well, I was quite impressed with this hotel, cos they had a little table in the loo on which you could place your laptop. Don’t know if that was the intended purpose, but…. although would not be applicable for most Indian loos.

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