We speak of facts, yet facts exist only partially to us if they are not repeated and re-created through emotions, thoughts and feelings

As I read that towards the end of Reading Lolita, I thought of so many things. I’d just left a comment on S’s blog – that her memories would become more real as time goes by… and that was just what I meant – as they are “repeated and recreated through emotions, thoughts and feelings”…

And then about how we, as lawyers, speak of facts. Facts as objective, known things that can be determined and on which we can base rational decisions… but if facts are only completed when recreated, reimagined, where does that leave the rationality of the law?

And that links up to my FemJur classes – the so called rationality of the law, its ignorance of women’s (and other) experience, and how that experience can enrich the law, and how such law can enrich all our lives…


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