Hold my hand

We had the chicken pox together. Not surprising, since we used to play together all the time… but then, when I started wearing glasses, so did she. And we bought the same clothes without the other knowing – that was spooky. But when we were both diagnosed with epilepsy (if that’s a diagnosis!), we decided we just had to go with it!

Now she’s married to a jerk who claims she didn’t tell him about her problem. Which I know for a fact she did, b’coz I asked her when she first said she’d ‘met somebody’. The fact is that he’s treated her like shit, and being at home has made her realise it. So he’s trying to make it ‘her fault’.

I’ve run out of names to call him.
Hold my hand, sweetie.


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  1. is that you ……. 🙂

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