is what makes the world go round. Reading Pratchett kind of does that to you – I’m reading Pyramids, in which the Gods are here instead of there (coz belief is a force) and start fighting… yeah, faith is what makes the world go round.

I know people say it’s love, but what is love, after all? Isn’t it what I do when I have faith in someone, when I believe in them, that they will take care of me, that they will not hurt me, that they will love me back no matter what? And isn’t heartbreak when they don’t?

Faith in myself – my own ability to get through things alive, well and happy – that’s what people call my optimism. Faith in those around me – that’s what builds my relationships. Faith in the effectiveness of thought or prayer, whichever you call it – gives me something to look forward to.

Yippee for the combination of all these things, for it means today is a sunny, happy day when even the rumble of concrete mixers outside my window can’t drown out the chirping of my sparrows on my windowsill!


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