What a terrible person I am

What I did today was perhaps the toughest thing I’ve done since I started teaching.

It’s not that I haven’t asked people to leave my class before; it’s not that I haven’t asked them not to come back for a while. It’s not even as if preparing for my classes has ever been a negotiable point.

It’s that after what happened yesterday, half the class still felt they need not read for today’s class. I’m not usually the rule-by-diktat type of teacher; I don’t think I can be. If nothing else, memories of my own undergrad days are too fresh for me to want to dictate terms.

But preparing for class seems to have become a bone of contention here. If it is a question of how and what I teach, there are ways and means to challenge my decisions. Just refusing to prepare is not an acceptable method. The point is that doesn’t seem to be it. They’re not challenging my teaching method here. They say it’s more a question of negligence – not being bothered enough. I’ve tried often enough to explain to them why they need to bother. If nothing, simply the quality of class discussion – which they can see for themselves – should’ve convinced them. If all the explaining, all the cajoling, all the threats, don’t work, I’m left with no option but to punish.

And the idea is not to set an example. If that were it, what I did with the earlier batches should’ve set an example to this one. It is just consequences of your actions. It’s part of growing up – learning to accept the consequences of your actions. I informed them of the consequences, they chose to take the risk. Now they have to take the consequences.

So why am I so upset?


The Unexpected Long Weekend

Wasn’t really, though, coz I was at college. And when it takes an hour to get here and an hour to get back, that means I was at college!

Spent Friday woeking on a long overdue paper, put off finishing it till the Budget comes through. And Saturday was that lunch thingie… Sunday was one lazy day; wanted to watch Saaransh, but the road-widening is having its effect on our cable connection. Ended up reading the MockBudget proposals… have I written about that?

It’s something our Eco teacher used to do when I was studying – I thought it would be interesting to do it in Tax. Eight lobbies, all presenting their proposals for this year’s budget to the Finance Ministry. They’ve done that, now the FinMin will go over, approve or reject the proposals. PC presents his budget today, my FinMin will do it tomorrow. Let’s see what they come up with. Some of the lobbies came up with interesting proposals, some were under-prepared, but nothing really out-of-the-box. That’s something with this batch – not much out-of-the-box thinking so far. Let’s see if I can provoke some in the mid-sems…

Have been postponing FemJur coz I’ve been unable to get hold of a copy of the 1975 Stepford Wives – maybe I should give it up for now. Have a class with them today, anyway.

So much to do, so little time…

And I absolutely refuse to take it home!

Cancelling Classes

Classes were cancelled Friday and Saturday. If only they’d told us in advance! They did tell us about Friday, but I had so much scheduled for Saturday! Apparently they made the announcement late on Friday night, so there we were, marching off to the classrooms with registers in our hands, to find empty rooms!!

And we couldn’t just leave ‘coz there was that lunch to meet the Chancellor… v nice sweet little (and I know what I’m saying – he was even shorter than me!) man! Sneaked out immediately after lunch, though… Lots of work for tomorrow!

The Indian Team stole your dance

Sydus, did you see them? That victory jig – jump, jump, jump like a kangaroo? With their arms around each other? That’s you!! Your dance!

And coming, as it does, soon after the news that someone’d plagiarised the Awesome Foursome, makes me wonder how highway robbery like this can go unpunished in a supposedly civil society like ours!

What treasures the blogosphere holds…

This one’s for you, Dad!

How I can empathise….

The Observer Woman Plucking hell

Must read!

He took his laptop into the loo…

I just saw a colleague come out of the loo with a huge laptop bag slung over his shoulder… now, if the guys’ loo is anything like the girls’ one, there’s no place to put a laptop. Except on the ground… and I hate to think what all is on the ground in that loo, what with the way it smells.

What does he want with a laptop in the loo, anyway?

At least, in the ‘faculty loo’ (it’s off the faculty common room, so I think of it as the faculty loo; there are two of them – a ‘His’ and a ‘Hers’), there’s a nice lobby type place with wash basins and a wide countertop where one can leave stuff… but this was the smelly loo at the end of the corridor!!

What could anyone possibly want with a laptop in the loo?