is overpowering… I’m recovering from the effects of a late night movie combined with freezing nearly to death on the back of a bike, and I’m discovering that college is not the best place to do this! What happened to the me who could do night movies for three nights in a row and still be at work promptly at nine (even though developing a bit of a caffeine based maniacal edge by noontime)? Lost, ah lost in the mists of time…

The movie I saw – Rang De Basanti. Really, as the long long day wears on, I’m beginning to doubt if it was worth it… Lots of eye candy, anyway! Aamir Khan to Atul Kulkarni through Madhavan, Siddharth and Kunal Kapoor – quite yummy – multicuisine, as they say! Excellent performances from everyone, all round, so nothing to complain of there. What is to complain about is that the film takes its own time to move in the first half and then hurries up in the second half so much that it becomes quite unbelievable…


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