The GRE and whatnot

Actually, this post’s not about the GRE. It’s more about the passport office’s inefficiency. In fact, it’s about how hyper we get in times of stress. Or maybe it’s about how stressed we get when we’re not together. About all these things?

My sister’s writing the GRE. She needs a passport as proof of id for the exam. She applied for a passport. Thanks to the abovementioned inefficiency, she hasn’t got the passport in time for the exam. So she had to reschedule her exam. She (in Manipal) spoke to our dad (in Delhi). He got hyper about her not studying hard enough for her college exams (no, don’t ask me what the connection is – I don’t know). He spoke to our mom (here). Who, thankfully, told him not to get so hyper. My sis wanted to speak to me (here). I didn’t notice her messages coz my phone was inside my bag. When I did, she refused to speak to me, coz the world (everywhere) hated her.

Result: I now keep my phone on my table.


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