Bright and sunny

That’s how today is – with a nip in the breeze that makes me want to cuddle under a blanket. My sparrows are back for good, they’re chirruping outside my window like a happy good morning song.

Was discussing this whole GD thingie with mum, and she was telling me about something called the JoeHarry window. Apparently there are four aspects of self – the Open self (things you know and I know about me), the private self (you don’t know, I know), the blind spot (you know and I don’t know) and I don’t remember what the last was called but it was you don’t know and neither do I. The most effective people are those whose open self is the largest, and the open self can only be made larger by making the others smaller – so either I tell people about myself, or I get people to tell me stuff about me… interesting, huh? Even more interesting, she kept saying Johari window and I didn’t realise till she told me, that it was not an Indian name!!


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