What a day!

So far, a terrible day! The morning was cold, but on the basis of the last few days’ weather, have worn nice and airy cotton kurta to work. Who knew the day was going to continue so cold? I’m freezing!

Then there was the message – a laconic “Good morning”. After some week or so of absolute silence. Which I answered with an equally bland “good morning to you too”, to no reaction. What kind of game is this?

Then an hour of counselling – I must admit it leaves me depressed.

And to top it all off, my class has been interrupted for one of those frigging PPTs, and I can’t even re-schedule it for the afternoon coz someone else is holding a class in the afternoon. What gets my goat is that they didn’t have the courtesy to come and inform me of it, even; though I’ve specifically requested that I be informed in advance. And after I’ve agreed to spend two days doing GD training and another day doing a ‘refresher course’ with them!! I am so wild I am speechless…

I’m so wild I’m seriously considering refusing to do the GDs today – they have another resource person, so they’re not completely at sea.


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