Things I wanted to say yesterday but didn’t

Yeah, yesterday was busy. So here are my posts from yesterday.


“Can I have your number? I’d like to give you a call this evening, if that’s okay?” Coming as they did from a personable young man on a Saturday, the words should have, in all justice, had me mentally running over my wardrobe… but there is no justice in this world.


Why does V have this urge to be the faculty casanova? He started babbling about naris and saris when he saw me today – as if he’s never seen a woman in a sari before. I felt like bloodying his nose, really, but politely giggled and came away… And then there’s R. Just because he attended a refresher course of some kind at college while I was still studying there, he feels that everytime he sees me, he should ask me about the faculty there. I don’t keep track of them, for Christ’s sake! It’s all I can do to keep track of my batchmates! Why do men have to assume a role of some kind or the other with me? I mean, I’ve got the ‘indulgent uncle’, the ‘helpful elder brother’, the ‘flirtatious older man’… I’m getting quite sick of it!!


You know you’re on the shelf when…
…you take an attractive young man’s number and wonder how you can set your sister up with him!


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