The problem with cotton sarees

No, it’s not just maintenance – having to starch and iron – though that’s a problem too. It’s what comes after – when you’re wearing a nice, crisp, well-starched cotton saree. It sort of sets onto you, so you can’t re-tie it if you’re not satisfied… I suppose you’d call it getting crumpled, but it kind of gets crumpled in some places only, so it doesn’t look messy. But if you try to change anything about it, it rebels, and all the ugly crumples show up…

Chiffons are the easiest, but it’s quite difficult to disassociate chiffons from Sridevi in Kaante nahin kat’te or more recently, Sushmita Sen in Main hoon na… and they can be uncomfortable in summer. I suppose the compromise is light silks – breathable fabric, easy handling and maintenance, and opaque and therefore asexual. Or so one hopes.


2 Responses

  1. Sushmita Sen was wearing chiffons in Main Hoon Na? Then all women should wear chiffons, I guess 🙂
    On a serious note, inspite of being a guy, I know what you mean. I have recently discovered my love for (really) wrinkle free trousers.
    But you can’t deny that cotton shirts/trousers/(especially) sarees have an elegance about them. Quite classy.

  2. Ah, the eternal choice! Elegance or convenience?

    This summer promises to be a blazing hot one, so I’m saving the nice, starched, *elegant* cotton sarees for special occassions and sticking to cotton shirts and trousers and salwar kameez…

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