Around me

There’s this view from my window in the morning… it’s actually dusty scrub with some huts scattered on it, but when I sit in my chair here, I can just see the leafy top of a huge tree. And it shines. The sun shines on it from one side, the rest of the landscape is hot, arid, the hills in the distance are hazy, but the tree shines. No, it doesn’t glow, it actually shines. What kind of a trick of the light is that?

My sparrows are back today. They built a nest over a half open window last sem, and chattered at me like there was no tomorrow. Then they disappeared. Now they’re back. Do sparrows re-use their nests, or have they just come to say hello while scouting for a nicer site?

I think about those huts sometimes. Considering how long they’ve been here, shouldn’t we make them at least semi-permanent? Give them solid roofs? But then, we’re the ones who switch off the Aquaguard in this block during the hols coz ‘those workers keep coming here to use the cooler’. The sad part is the ‘sometimes’.

They’re patching up cracks in the plaster. I hope it’s cracks in the plaster, not breaking beams. I don’t want to be caught in an imploding building – getting caught in plaster showers is bad enough.


2 Responses

  1. I find it, I read it and I Like it.
    I’ll translate it in german. Thanks.

  2. Thank you! 🙂

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